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Integrating a CRM System to Boost Your Business Growth

What Is A CRM System? As a business owner, you understand the importance of effectively managing customer data to drive …
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How to Use Consumer Trends

What are Consumer Trends? Consumer trends use data analysis to understand consumer behaviour. This includes sales, consumer surveys, benchmarking, consumer …
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Testimonials and Reviews Strategy

What is the difference between a Testimonial and a Review? Testimonials are a type of review and social proof. The …
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How to Master a User Profile Area

What is a User Profile Area? A User Profile Area is a part of your website that a user can …
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What’s the Best E-commerce Platform for You?

What is an E-commerce Platform? An E-commerce platform consists of a software solution that allows you to sell your own …
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Pricing Strategy: What Is The Right Price?

What is a Pricing Strategy? A pricing strategy refers to the act and process of deciding what is the value …
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User-Generated Content (UGC) Guide for Influencers

What is UGC? UGC aka User Generated Content is content created by the audience (or consumer) for you to utilize …
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