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How to Create A Powerful Welcome Email

What is a Welcome Email? A welcome email is the very first email a user receives after subscribing to a …
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Subscription Box Guide

What are Subscription Boxes? A subscription box is a type of email signup widget that provides a designated place within …
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Giveaway Best Practices

What is a Giveaway? A giveaway is an online competition where a barrier to entry involves participating in a list …
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Onboarding Email Series Strategy

What is an Onboarding Email Series? Onboarding email series is a sequence of emails aiming to welcome your new subscriber …
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The Definitive Guide to Email Newsletter Types

What are Email Newsletter Types? There are many different email newsletter types worth considering that you can choose from to …
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5 Proven Tactics to Keep Subscribers Engaged

What is Subscription Retention? Subscription retention is the act of keeping your subscribers in your emailing list without unsubscribing. While …
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How to Build an Email Subscriber List

Why Building an Email Subscriber List is Important Many influencers think that because they’re active on social media that they …
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Welcome Email: Create a Powerful One?

What is a Welcome Email? A welcome email is the first email a user receives upon subscribing to a newsletter. …
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How to do an Email A/B Testing?

What is email A/B testing? Email A/B testing is an email user research test showing two variants of the same …
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