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Facebook Best Practices Strategy for Creators

Last reviewed: 06/04/23

What Is Facebook?

As of January 2023, Facebook continues to reign as the most widely used social media platform worldwide. As a social networking site, it provides a platform for users to connect with friends, family, and people across the globe.

In today’s digital age, Facebook continues to be a crucial platform for creators to connect with their audience. Despite the emergence of new social media platforms, Facebook remains one of the most widely used with a monthly active user base of 2.963 billion (Jan 2023).

Facebook’s most recent investor earnings report shows a slight increase in monthly active users over the past three months, with an additional 5 million users (+0.2%) joining the platform.

Why Is It Important for Creators?

For creators, Facebook presents a unique opportunity to reach and engage with a massive audience. With dedicated tools and features such as Pages, Groups, and Watch, creators can grow their following, build a community, and share their content with the world.

Facebook’s advertising platform also offers creators an effective way to reach new audiences and promote their content. With customizable targeting options and ad formats, creators can tailor their campaigns to specific demographics and interests, potentially reaching millions with their message.

For creators, Facebook remains an essential tool for building a following and engaging with fans. With dedicated tools such as Pages, Groups, and Watch, creators can easily share their content and connect with like-minded individuals.

Facebook Strategy Best Practices

Facebook is a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their audience and build their brand. However, with so much content being shared every day, it can be challenging to get noticed.

Here are some tips and tricks to boost engagement on Facebook:

Create Engaging Content

Posts that are inspirational, funny, or practical tend to get the most engagement and reach. Shorter text descriptions work better on Facebook, with the optimal length being between 25 to 55 characters. Posts with more than 80 characters are auto-truncated in the mobile app, which could reduce click-throughs if your key information is not in the first sentence.

Captions are crucial for videos since only 15% of Facebook videos get watched with sound on. In terms of formats, video is the best-performing post type, with live video driving the most engagement, while posts with images generally perform better than those with straight text. We’ve also seen some success with memes to help improve reach and awareness.

Encourage Comments and Respond Quickly

Encouraging comments is one of the best ways to increase engagement on Facebook. Ask your audience for their thoughts on your post, and respond quickly to build trust with your audience. Engagement builds community, and relationships are everything in Facebook marketing.

Plan Your Content and Use Relevant Hashtags

Planning your content in advance can help you create high-quality posts that engage and inspire your audience. Use no more than two hashtags per Facebook post, and research relevant tags within the app itself to ensure that they’re relevant to your business or products.

Track Performance and Optimize Your Page

Check out Audience Insights inside Meta Business Suite to see the demographics of your existing audience. Create an Ad with your demographics to see the potential reach & audience you have on Facebook.

Optimize your page by having a profile photo, cover photo, call-to-action button, contact information, about section, pinned post, custom URL, and accurate business category.

This way, it’s less likely to get buried by newer posts in the feed. To achieve the best results, A/B test with different times and days of the week to find the best one for your specific audience.

Create Facebook Groups and Optimize Your Post Timing

Facebook groups can be an exclusive group where you nurture your audience, interact with them and get to know them. Create a Facebook group tailored to your content pillar(s) or something towards your loyal community. Post when your audience is most likely to see the post, and encourage action from your community by asking them to share or comment.

Bonus Tip for Bloggers: Use Visually Appealing Feature Images and Interesting Blurbs

Feature images in your blog post appear in the Facebook post. Use visually appealing feature images that illustrate your blog topic. Write an interesting blurb to capture your audience’s interest. Share your thoughts on different articles and share some personal stories to establish yourself as a thought leader and make yourself relatable.

Boosting engagement on Facebook requires effort and planning, but the rewards are worth it. Use these tips and tricks to create engaging content, optimize your page, and connect with your audience on Facebook.

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