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Instagram Subscriptions: Is It Worth the Hype?

Last reviewed: 22/07/22

What is the Instagram Subscription Feature?

There has been a lot of chatter around the introduction of Instagram Subscriptions. Since social media came into existence, influencers and content creators have used it to make a living for themselves and gain popularity. As a result, social media sites – like Instagram – have also been experimenting with ways to help influencers monetize their accounts through brand partnerships.

Instagram introduced its Subscriptions Feature in late January 2022 to a handful of influencers and content creators. Within a few months, the platform made this feature available to more creators – allowing followers to subscribe easily to their favourite content creator.

With this IG Subscriptions feature, followers can subscribe to 3 different types of content:

  • Going Live for Subscribers Only
  • Posting Stories for Subscribers Only – will be marked with a purple ring so subscribers can know that these were published solely for them
  • Subscriber Badges – subscribers will get a purple badge so they can stand out in creators’ DMs and comments.

This IG feature presents some opportunities you should start taking advantage of.

Should you try out Instagram Subscriptions?

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