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Search Engine Optimisation Review: How to?

Last reviewed: 29/03/21

What is a Search Engine Optimisation Review?

Search Engine Optimisation can often feel like a secret love language that only certain Google whisperers can speak. For this reason, it’s by far the most common pain points our client’s name when they join chloedigital.

It doesn’t need to be that complex. Instead, it’s suggested to be purposeful with your activity. It’s best to think of SEO as a journey that starts with learning every day (keyword research and on-page SEO) to using data to pinpoint where to improve, where to create new content, and where to grow.

This is where an SEO review comes in. Consider keyword research and content optimization your everyday SEO and quarterly (and annual) SEO reviews for your holistic SEO.

Why Should You Conduct an SEO Review?

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