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Holiday Planning & Promotion Schedule

Last reviewed: 12/10/21

This is not a rehearsal: It is officially the most wonderful time of year – to start your holiday planning for social media, that is! 

While we often wait until after Halloween to focus on our social media campaigns for the holidays, data has consistenly shown that people are starting their holiday shopping earlier year after year. According to a study by Pinterest in 2019, 50% of its shoppers had already finished their holiday shopping by Thanksgiving.

Before you start:

This article on Holiday Planning is a continuation of the article How to Plan Holiday Content. If you are looking to find out more about planning your content and not only a schedule, we recommend you to also read the first part.

Holiday Planning

Different channels have different optimization times when we are talking about the best to Plan, Update & Promote Holiday Content. If you want to gain traction and get the most out of early searches on the web related to the Holiday period, you should start your holiday planning journey by optimizing your content earlier to don’t miss any revenue opportunities and defraud your reader expectation.

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