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How to Write the Perfect About Page

Last reviewed: 01/03/21

What is an About Page?

An About Page is the best place to introduce yourself to your audience and set yourself as an authority for them. It is an essential piece to establish your brand and showcase your values and mission enhancing why is so important to know how to write an about page.

If you take a look into your most visited pages on Google Analytics, you will find your About Page in the top positions; even if you are not frequently promoting it. There is a reason for an About Page being so important on a website structure so don’t overlook it.

Why is it important to have an About page?

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Extra note:

Should you write your about page in the 1st or 3rd person? If you are writing about yourself, do it using the 1st person. If you are writing about your company and your team, use the 3rd person.

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